About Us

Earth Blends Herbs & Nutrition is Black Owned.

Damone Jackson


Damone's knowledge and experience in herbs blossomed about 10 years ago at the time that he became very ill with a serious condition. Upon his visit with his doctor, he was informed that his illness was incurable. Rather than accepting that answer, Damone became very adamant in his own research of Holistic Alternatives in hopes of discovering a cure himself. He dedicated himself to a new dietary regime and began to fill his body with necessary herbs, which not only cured his illness but also saved his life!

From then, he was inspired to share his story with as many people as he could! Earth Blends was born in 2018! Damone hopes to continue to grow and expand the Earth Blends brand for many years to come and has been so honored by the stories of his customers who have come to him for herbs and have shared how they impacted their lives!