Damone Jackon is a Herbal Practitioner, Actor, and Entrepreneur.

Damone has had an association with herbs for over 40 years. His knowledge and experience blossomed about 10 years ago by overcoming an onset of health conditions. From thorough research, the application of herbs, acceptance of holistic alternatives, and being adamant about including them in his dietary regimen he Has had tremendous success in healing and health improvements. This experience created a passion that led to Damone wanting to share this new knowledge with others.

Earth Blends was born in 2018 and continues to grow and expand. It is focused on educating and helping people find the right holistic products for them to help improve their happiness and health.

About Earth Blend Health and Nutrition

Earth Blend Herbs and Nutrition is a black-owned business based out of Inglewood, California. We’re honored to bring our unique, bespoke nutrition and wellness model to clients across the nation. When you choose us, you get the full expertise of Damone, our owner. He’s dedicated to offering a diverse range of products that can be customized to your specific needs. Instead of adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate wellness, let wellness come to you.

At Earth Blend Herbs and Nutrition, we offer unprecedented flexibility to our clients. We can create capsules, measure out herbs, customize oils and extracts, and even create unique packages for you. Our in-depth knowledge of natural remedies empowers us to thoughtfully and compassionately offer real holistic medicine that makes a real impact. Our clients quickly notice that when products are customized to their needs, they see improvement and relief far sooner. This is just remedies being created and shared the right way.

When you choose Earth Blend Herbs and Nutrition, you can rest assured you’re enjoying the highest quality products prepared for you with love and care. Explore our collection and get in touch to learn how easy and affordable customized wellness products can be.

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